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Clayton Nolte’s Biophotonic
Water Structuring Technology

(Also known as Natural Action Technologies Structured Water)
  A biophoton (from the Greek βιο meaning "life" and φωτο meaning "light"), synonymous with ultraweak photon emission, low-level biological chemiluminescence, ultraweak bioluminescence, dark luminescence and other similar terms, is a photon of light emitted from a biological system and detected by biological probes as part of the general weak electromagnetic radiation of living biological cells.  (

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I interviewed Clayton Nolte on June 13, 2010, in an effort to answer many of the questions that I had been asked about his biophotonic water structuring technology, also known as Natural Action Water.  I focused on topics and questions I had not been able to find info on or answers to in my online research of this technology.  This interview was approximately 1 hour and 16 minutes long. I am excited to share this information and I am presenting it here for the benefit of all.   Scroll down to listen.

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Victoria White       

6/13/10 Interview:

 Part 1:               Part 2:   

Part 3:               Part 4:   

Part 5:               Part 6:   

Part 7:    

Click here to watch a Youtube video of some of the amazing things that Natural Action Technologies structured water has done for us in our lives since 2008.  (approx. 21 mins)

Additional Audios:

June 10, 2015 Clayton's Classroom with Clayton Nolte and Victoria White:

21.6 MB

May 13, 2015 Clayton's Classroom with Clayton Nolte and Victoria White:

22.4 MB

Audio of Milt's call with Clayton Nolte and Victoria White on January 20, 2015:

Part 1  (approx. 101 mins):    Structured_Water_Pt_1__1_20_2015__1Hr_1_Min.mp3
14.0 MB

Part 2  (approx. 40 mins):        Structured_Water_Pt_2__1_20_2015__40_Min.mp3
9.1 MB

Audio of Milt's call with Clayton Nolte and Victoria White on November 21, 2014:

Part 1  (approx. 58 mins):    Structured_Water_Pt_1_11_21_2014_58_min.mp3
13.4 MB

Part 2  (approx. 59 mins):    Structured_Water_Pt_2_11_21_2014_59_min.mp3
13.6 MB

Part 3  (approx. 21 mins):     Structured_Water_Pt_3_11_21_2014_21_min.mp3
4.9 MB

Audio of Clayton Nolte and Victoria White on Willie's Truth Call ( on February 13, 2014:

Part 1:   WTC_021314_with_Clayton_Nolte_and_Victoria_White__1_.mp3
10.9 MB
     (approx. 27 mins)

Part 2:   WTC_021314_with_Clayton_Nolte_and_Victoria_White__2_.mp3
9.6 MB
    (approx. 24 mins)

Part 3:   WTC_021314_with_Clayton_Nolte_and_Victoria_White__3_.mp3
9.6 MB
     (approx. 24 mins)

Part 4:   WTC_021314_with_Clayton_Nolte_and_Victoria_White__4_.mp3
7.2 MB
    (approx. 18 mins)

Part 5:   WTC_021314_with_Clayton_Nolte_and_Victoria_White__5_.mp3
6.1 MB
     (approx. 15 mins)

            Click here to listen to Clayton Nolte and Victoria White on the 
        Bob Charles International Radio Show on December 3, 2013

The audio files of the December 3, 2013 Bob Charles Radio Show can also be listened to or downloaded here:  

25.8 MB
    (approx. 32 mins)

25.8 MB
   (approx. 32 mins)

August 8, 2013 You Awakening Interview with Clayton Nolte and Tim Toula

We are so grateful to You Awakening's founder and host Jacklyn Johnston for allowing us to present this 
interview with inventor Clayton Nolte and researcher Tim Toula
.  If interested in subscribing to the You Awakening free programming, which is all about inspiring, empowering and supporting awakening and fulfillment, just go to

24.4 MB
(approx. 30 mins)

20.8 MB
(approx. 26 mins)

16.4 MB
(approx. 36 mins)

Testimonial from Amy Mortier who is using structured water to grow sprouts that she sells at farmers markets: 

5.5 MB
    (approx. 6 mins)


Click here to download a brochure about Natural Action Technologies water structuring devices:

358.2 KB

Click here to view 25 tests and observations that show the benefits of structured

216.2 KB

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For more info:

Click here to learn more about the science of Structured Water.

Also highly recommended: 

Documentary with scientists from around the world talking about structured water, called Water The Great Mystery.  View trailer here:

Documentary on the hazards of bottled water call “TAPPED”.  Click here to view full length movie. 

Click here to watch documentary on water fluoridation, called “The Great Culling”.  

Click here to watch a documentary on fracking called “Gasland”. 

Distilled and Reverse Osmosis (RO) water has so little Bio-Photon Life Force Energy
that they are functionally dead:

Reverse Osmosis Water Sample

Bio-Photon (life force) Energy Emissions from a single drop of fresh well water sample tested in Taos, NM

Bio-Photon Energy Before Structuring

Photonic Structuring shows dramatic visual evidence of the increase in Bio-Photon Life Force Energy

83% Increase in Bio-Photon Energy

(Photos from real-time Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Bio-electrography for water studies by Clayton Nolte.)

For more information, contact Victoria White at (520) 325-3400 in Tucson, Arizona
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